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Product Applications

The glass wool feIt products manufactured bv Gerui have remarkable energy sayjng effect in roof construction.With facjngs such as aluminum foil facing.these products are featured by heat preservation. noise insuIting.heat insuIatlng.humidity protection and radiation protection.and are decorative to certain extent.

Gerui’S glass wool boards are manufactured by adding thermosetting bond into glass wool and then subjecting the glass wool to pressurized treatment and heated solidification.These products are usable for heat preservation and noise insulating of various air conditioner air pipes and other air pipes,and facings such as aluminum foil facing can be attached to the surface of the glass wool.These products have outstanding advantages such as good heat preservation,light weight, fire retarding.shock resistance and noise absorption.

Noise insulation and absorption system

Air-conditoning ducts

Trains cars

Wall heat preservation


pipeline heat insulation

Colorful glass wool