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Langfang Gerui GIass WooI Products Co., a Iarge‘scaIe enterprise integrating research,development,production and sale Into a whole.and has three subordinate industriaI parks.This Company is one of the first batch of good—faith and law—abiding township enterprises in of the state recommended building material manufacturers,a specified manufacturer of heat preservation materials for power industry of China,a technology-oriented enterprise of HebeI provlnce.a quaIifled enterp rise for the nationaI power system,a contract.honoring and trustworthy organization of HebeI province,and a modeI enterprise in heat insulating and energy saving materia J industry in China.Taking lhe Iead in this industry,lt has received the certificate to use.The certificate to use fhe buiIding materiaI fire protection and environmental protection sign,has successfuIly passed IS09001 quality certification in 2003,and has passed the CE certification of also participated in the drafting of national standards GB/T13350.2008 and GB/T17795—2008.These reflect its remarkable influence in the industry and the excellent technicaI performance of its products.

  • 本公司荣获ISO14001证书


  • 谱写风雨同行 铸就共创辉煌

    时光飞逝,岁月如梭,转眼间忙碌的2015年马上过去,充满期待的2016年向我们走来。勤劳智慧的河北格瑞玻璃棉制品有限公司员工在2015年12月05日公司大会议室 。由企业法人高双林经理主持,召开了年会总结。

  • 格瑞打假维权

    格瑞集团凭借科学的管理方式、卓越的产品性能以及服务客户与日俱新的解决方案,使离心玻璃棉卷毡、离心玻璃棉板材 、高温玻璃棉、彩色玻璃棉、无甲醛玻璃棉等产品畅销国内外,并荣获“河北省著名商标企业”的称号,河北格瑞公司的社会和市场地位稳步提升。